7 Tips To Know Before Putting Your Valuables In Storage

Storage facilities in Bristol have always been a solution to helping de-clutter homes and office spaces, or great ways to temporarily store possesions during relocation such as moving to a new house. Currently, most storage facilities in Bristol offer month to month leases also; thus allowing tennants to store their possesions for as litte or as long as needed.

Though storage facilities in Bristol are a good and safe choice for different circumstances, there are some important things to know when selecting a storage unit and before you move in your valuable possesions.

1) Unit Sise and Utilising Space

It is essention to accurately predetermine the storage unit size you’ll be nieeding before you just start packing your things to move into storage in Bristol. Many people too often choose a storage unit size that is too small to try to save money, and end up not realising until they’ve moved half their things in; that their storage unit doesn’t have enough room. Most storage facilities’ sales representatives are very knowledgeabe in aiding you in the process of choosing a unit size. Just speak with a representative and inform them on what you’re planning on putting into storage, and they should be able to quote you with the best size for your needs.

Once you have picked out your storage unit, it’s important to keep your items organised in your unit. Start by putting the items you’re going to access the least into the storage unit first, towards the back of the unit. Also it’s usually a good idea to put your most valuable posseions towards the back of the unit too. This is in case the unfortunate occurs where someone tries to break into your storage unit in Bristol. Most robbers want to get in and out as fast as possible, and would only quickly look to take things from the front of your unit. To use the most of the space in your storage unit, pack the biggest boxes with the heaviest, sturdiest items and put them in your unit first. Then stack smaller and lighter boxes on top of those big boxes.

2) Climate Control

Consider the value of your possessions that you are planning to put away in storage. Some items of certain materials are more likely to become damaged due to natural weather and climate conditions. If your storage unit is a first floor outdoor unit, how can you be certain that the snow or rain won’t leak in from under the door? Or waht about how high humidity affects certain materials?

Climate controlled storage unites are the solution to temperature and climate generated problems at storage facilities in Bristol. Climate controlled storage units keep control of the temperature in the unit so it stays warm enough during the winter, and coll enough in the summer. They also keep the humidity level low enough so moisture won’t damage any of your stored possessions. Again, a knowledgeable storage facility sales representative can help you determine if you need a climate controlled unit; inquire about using one.

3) Storage Facility Security

An important thing to make sure is that the storage facility you’re choosing employs miltiple methods of security. The first feature a storage facilities in Bristol should have is a fence around the property with the storage unites. Some facilities use bettehr fences than others, which might include barbed-wire. Another securty feature to look out for are security cameras.

Does the storage facility’s office and property both have digitial surveillance cameras that are contactly recording 24/7? Also consider how do people enter the storage unit property in Bristol. Is their an electronic gate that requires an access code or is it as easy just walking through one office door and out the other? Consider if the property is well lit at night. And always just ask the sales representative about all the security features the storage facility employs.

4) Storage Unit Accessibility Convenience

Before settling on a storage unit, check where on the property it is located. Is it on the third floor in a seperate warehouse in the back of the property, or is it on the first floor right after you enter the property? Consider what you’re planning to store, for example it would be really difficult to store your house furniture such as a sofa and refridgerator if your unit was on the third floor.

5) Insurance

Renters are responsible to insure their own stored goods. Some storage facilities will offer limited insurace coverage that is based on the estimated value of the items being stored. Some homeowners insurance policies cover part or all of possessions regardless of where they are kept. This is important to look into, as stated earlier; in case someone tries to break into your storage unit; or an uncontrollabe weather accident occurs.

6) Cover Your Unit’s Floor

A key tip to prevent water and moisture damage to your possesions in storage (especially if your unit is on the ground floor) is to first cover your storage unit’s floor with a sheet or tarp. This will prevent direct moisture on the floor from rising up and damaging your stored items. Also when you put your boxes or items into the storage unit in Bristol, ensure that they are placed at lease an inch away from all the walls, and have at least an inch of breathing room between each other. This will also help prevent mold and mildew.

7) Tarp Under Tarp Over

Finally covering all your valued possessions with a sheet or tarp over them will help keep dust away. It will also help prevent any water or moisture leakage from the ceiling if it occured. A £10 tarpaulin will save you thousands of pounds in the long run, especially if you choose not to fully insure your possessions in storage in Bristol.

If you require any storage services and are based in and around the Bristol area, then please contact Simply Removals Bristol for a competitive quote today.

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