Two-week mammoth move part of £3m conservation and weather protection work

Lindisfarne Castle move image by Mark Godden (via Shutterstock).

Gruelling: Moving furniture out of Lindisfarne Castle took the best part of two weeks in November 2016. The removal company’s nimble-footed furniture movers had to negotiate uneven floors, narrow corridors and low doors. A move of mighty proportions! Image by Mark Godden (via Shutterstock).

We at Simply Removals Bristol have undertaken some challenging home removals in our time. Bristol itself isn’t without hills, idiosyncratic properties, and tower blocks which could try our patience. Every time, we are up to the challenge and pride ourselves on a ‘job well done’. Whether you wish to move a couple of desks to your new office or a four bedroom house, there is no such word as ‘can’t’.

Some of the logistic nightmares we face are trifling compared with this task. Firstly, the National Trust has budgeted £3 million for and commenced work on the conservation and weather protection of an historic castle in Northumberland. Among the most challenging parts of the temporary removal work involves the castle itself. That of narrow staircases, low doors and uneven floors. This video clip from The Chronicle hits this home.

The castle itself isn’t the only issue. It is the careful carriage and storage of historically significant artefacts given the circumstances. Just to make things difficult, this is not Bamburgh Castle which is on the UK mainland. This is Lindisfarne Castle, which is on Holy Island and close to the Priory. How is this more difficult? The road to Holy Island is closed during high tide. Therefore, timing is everything.

The National Trust’s work will take 18 months to complete, with the castle closed during then. We at Simply Removals Bristol admire their tenacity.

Simply Removals Bristol, 11 January 2017.

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