How hiring a professional home clearance company is an antidote to a move from Hell

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Monica’s and Rachel’s move to a property near the university was a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. If they chose Simply Removals Bristol, their move would have been less eventful. Image by Jandrie Lombard (via Shutterstock).

Moving house is one of the most important life events you will face. You could be moving to your first student flat, or joining the property ladder for the first time. Being handed the keys and finding your rent deposit or mortgage is only part of a successful move. A successful home clearance is another, more important part. Finding the wrong home removals company could spoil your move.

We at Simply Removals Bristol aim to part of your successful move. Being as today is Hallowe’en, here’s a list of what could happen if you choose an unsuitable home removals company.

1. The company might not specialise in home clearance

Some removal companies may lack the specialist skills required for the proper packaging and safe carriage of your possessions. There is more to house clearance than shifting furniture. It also involves the safe carriage of confidential items, such as bank details, forms of identification, and educational certificates. Another part of a successful move is the safe storage and packaging of your electrical goods.

We offer some other services ourselves that are complementary to our main role. For instance, self-storage facilities, furniture fitting, and handyman services. They add value, making them as part of a coherent package alongside home clearance services.

2. Items could be damaged in transit

From start to finish, you place your trust in whoever’s shifting your worldly goods from one end of the country or continent to another. By the time you have reached your destination, you hope to find each and every one of your items intact. You also expect the trained staff at your chosen home clearance company to do the packing properly.

Poorly packed items could for example, see your sofas being ripped or your audio and visual equipment ruined. Your computer could be dead on arrival, if a sudden movement affects the PC’s hard drive or other connections. This is where a professional home clearance company can deliver the goods.

3. The vehicle may be too small

A Luton van may be insufficient for moving your possessions from a three bedroom house, whereas a pantechnicon van may be overkill from a bedsit. A removal vehicle that is too small sees most of your possessions getting squashed, leading to breakages. It also means more trips from your old home to your new one, prolonging the duration of your move.

We at Simply Removals Bristol have a well-equipped fleet of vans and lorries that are suitable for any move. Whether for shared rooms or an owner-occupied four bedroom house, we are flexible enough to cover all bases.

4. Parts of your new home could be damaged

The safe carriage of your worldly goods is only part of the battle. Unpacking is another military-style operation. It is one that requires the assembly and reassembly of your furniture. Careful handling of your goods is also true. Without proper training and handling abilities, parts of your house could be damaged. Door frames could be scuffed. Walls can be ruined, catching wallpaper and paintwork.

For our home clearance services, we not only unpack your items carefully. Our handyman services enable us to build flat pack furniture, install electrical appliances, programme digital cable, Freeview or satellite decoder boxes, and undertake basic electrical works. It is all part of the service.

5. There might not be enough packaging materials

Packaging, packaging, packaging: in any home clearance operation, the use of packaging materials is of massive importance to any successful move. Some companies, like us, provide packaging for anything from your television set to a canteen of cutlery or ornamental vases. If desired, you may choose to provide your own packaging.

Not having enough packaging can delay your move. Cutting corners on boxes, tape and bubble wrap can lead to breakages. Ornaments and other fragile items are best wrapped in soft items, like pillows or blankets as well as bubble wrap.

Don’t have nightmares…

If you live in Bristol, then fear not: you have an ally in Simply Removals Bristol, who will oversee your move in a most professional way. From the first call to the mounting of your last bookcase at your new place, we can deliver the goods. On time and carefully.

For further details and a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0117 287 2152. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Simply Removals Bristol, 31 October 2016.

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