How four removal men carried a sofa up to Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain

Scafell and Scafell Pike, Cumbria.

Enough of a climb without four men carrying a sofa: Scafell and Scafell Pike, seen in the winter. Image by Stewart Smith Photography (via Shutterstock).

You may remember a beer advert from 1983, where a group of male drinkers did amazing feats for one goal. The goal was a pint of Youngers’ Scotch Bitter, and our intrepid group would swim the English Channel or climb mountains. For the sake of a pint of keg bitter once brewed in Cumbria. Of similar levels of derring-do, though for a more altruistic cause, four removal men carried a sofa over a mountain. They could have chosen a nearby hill. Instead, they went to Cumbria to climb Scafell Pike, only the tallest mountain in England, no less.

The foursome, Chris Cox, Joshua Taylor, John Pickett, and Dean Evans, work for Barleycorn Removals. They are based in the Oxfordshire village of Dorchester-on-Thames, a short distance from the city of Oxford and the Cotswolds. Also a short distance from Barleycorn Removals’ home was their chosen charity, the Footsteps Foundation.

The Footsteps Foundation, whom the foursome did their Scafell Pike climb for, also has a base in Dorchester-on-Thames. Founded by Pip Hoyer Millar in 2004, it offers physiotherapy for young children with cerebral palsy (which her daughter Minty has). Instrumental to Footsteps’ success is the Spider apparatus, which Pip saw on a trip to Poland. Whilst looking for physiotherapy placements, they went to Poland where the Spider apparatus helped Minty to move independently.

Pip brought the Spider system to the Footsteps Foundation’s first base in Warborough. In 2011, they moved to their present base in Dorchester-on-Thames, which led us to Barleycorn’s gang of four. The climb up to Scafell Pike, with a sofa, took the foursome five hours to complete. Then there was the Cumbrian weather – wet of course with showers throughout the climb.

Needless to say, they were more than grateful for their seat on the summit of England’s tallest mountain. Unfazed by being 3,209 feet above sea level, Messrs Cox, Taylor, Pickett, and Evans aim to top this feat next year. 2017 will see them carrying a bed up to Ben Nevis. So far, they have raised £1,080 on and aim to reach the £3,000 mark.

As for climbing any of the mountains, rather you than me, we say. We also say ‘well done’ to them for their collective efforts.

Simply Removals Bristol, 06 October 2016.

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