How Simply Removals Bristol’s furniture fitting services will solve your flat pack woes

Furniture fitting services by Simply Self Store. We fear no flat pack furniture...

From the most modest of chairs to the largest of wardrobes, our furniture fitting services is undertaken by people who have seen many a self-assembly furniture item since time immemorial. (Image by Gary Denham – Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

We have a fellow called Gillis Lundgren to thank or blame for the development of flat pack furniture. Back in 1956, as one of IKEA’s first employees, he decided to take the legs off a table and pack the legs separately. His ideas would reach these shores when MFI, courtesy of the late Tommy Vance, would market self-assembly Hygena units at knock-down prices close to Bank Holiday Monday. Woolworths and Queensway would follow suit along with Do It All and B&Q.

Then came IKEA’s arrival in the UK, in 1987 just off the M62 motorway in Warrington. Flat pack furniture became a thing of style as well as substance. Bristol saw in the new millennium with its very own IKEA store on the site of Eastville, Bristol Rovers’ former ground. With the popularity of flat pack furniture came full pelt frustration. Thank the world for furniture fitting services, able to turn Billy from a few pieces of wood to a bookcase in no time.

In Bristol and the rest of South West England, we at Simply Self Store offer furniture fitting services. Whether you have little time to assemble furniture yourself, or have no desire to brave the step-by-step instructions, our services will save you the frustration. From bookcases to sliding wardrobes, our trained assemblers fear no project. Badly photocopied instructions as well as complex furniture? No problem.

Our furniture fitting services are also a boon for your workplace as well as your home. Productivity is boosted with your shelves and desks fitted in good time. Just moved house? We can help to reassemble your furniture, or any new additions to your humble abode.

With a wealth of experience in furniture fitting, thanks partly to our removals business, you can be sure of our professional service and excellent workmanship. With your furniture shipped safely to your new home and well assembled by us, it somehow falls into place.

Whether you wish to consider us for the smallest of bookshelves or the grandest of sliding wardrobes, talk to us on 0117 956 0622 (Bristol) or 01454 228077 (Gloucestershire). For a free no-obligation quote regarding our furniture fitting services, why not fill in our quick response form.

Simply Self Store, 28 August 2015.

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