A collection of home removal fails

Broken mirror removal fails by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Unlucky for some: Friday the Thirteenth. Image by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Oh dear, this day of all days has come to haunt us. We know for sure that today is Friday. But today is Friday the 13th. Supposedly an unlucky day, one noted for technological fails: computer viruses; random chaos; and the odd cancellation at Redland station. Appropriately for this much-maligned day, we have a lighthearted post for you.

Today, we have gone all You’ve Been Framed on you all (sorry folks, but we can never do Harry Hill’s dog voices). This time, a collection of home removal fails. We can assure you that none of the people featured in our chosen clips will be taken on by Simply Removals Bristol in the near future.

Hilarious Moving Fails

This clip from Stack Removals in Australia demonstrates why you shouldn’t use a flat’s balcony for shifting stuff to and from a removal van.

Hilarious Moving Company Accident!

Our second clip sees a runaway reel of cable. After two removal men try to move a giant cable reel upstairs, one person lets go and the reel crashes through the automatic doors.

Piano Transport Fail

This clip is both hilarious and informative. It is informative in the sense you shouldn’t: 1) carry an upright piano in a pickup truck; and that 2) you should leave piano shifting to the professionals. Especially when you consider how expensive they are to begin with (a full size grand piano can cost about the same as a car).

One More Thing…

To protect your possessions, don’t leave your next move to chance. Hire a professional company to shift your stuff (like us). It’s a cheaper option than having to replace ruined furniture, broken crockery, or broken electrical goods.

Simply Removals Bristol, 13 January 2017.

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