Some real life moving stories that are linked to house removal and similar subject areas

Happy couple house removal image.

There Goes A Successful House Removal: our happy couple is seen watching television. Image by Dmytro Zinkevych (via Shutterstock).

Before you make yourself comfortable, we are proud to present you with a selection of house removal video clips. If you thought our job was tough, spare a thought for the people featuring in the first three clips.

1. Central Home Movers: Now, That’s What We Call Moving House

In America, when they say they are moving house, they really mean it in this clip. Literally. Starring four low loaders, we see the parts of a palatial house being shifted from one place to another. This level of house removal would test the M4 motorway near Bristol Parkway, let alone the A5 into Bath. Please note: this is just the house itself rather than the contents (which we hope are in a separate vehicle).

2. Hauling House: Arlo Guthrie

For our second clip, slightly more of the same. This is a full episode of Hauling House from the American TV channel, Home and Garden Television (or HGTV as it is commonly known as). Our featured episode focuses on Arlo Guthrie’s humble abode. The house removal company has the effortless task of moving the house 500 feet from its present position – in one piece.

3. Moving Down The Line

Some Smart Alec reading this or watching the clips might be wondering, ‘couldn’t they move this by train?’ In Zurich, Switzerland, this clip shows an office building being moved 60 metres. By rail. We see our office building being moved along two trainloads of flat wagons, on two parallel lines. Imagine if they did this at Bristol Temple Meads? The announcements for any delayed Paddington trains could be hysterical.

4. On The Move (BBC, 1975 – 76)

For our final clip, the only house removal reference refers to the main character in this production and his position. Alf (played by the late Bob Hoskins of The Long Good Friday fame) was the main character in BBC’s educational series, aimed at improving adult literacy. In fifty of the series’ ten minute episodes, he is also supported by Patricia Hayes (also of Till Death Us Do Part and The NeverEnding Story) and Martin Shaw (later seen in The Professionals). If you’re interested in 1970s TV presentation and approach to educational documentaries, this clip will be of great interest.

Simply Removals Bristol, 11 October 2016.

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