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Why Move on a Monday?

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Could a Monday move be a better plan than moving on a Friday?

Happy Monday graphic by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Happy Monday: could you be better off moving house on a Monday? Image by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Here’s a little question for you: which is the most popular day for moving house? Monday? Nope. Saturday? Definitely not. Right, here’s a clue: what was Chris Evans’ late-1990s teatime show known as on Channel Four? read more →

House Removal Fails

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A collection of home removal fails

Broken mirror removal fails by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Unlucky for some: Friday the Thirteenth. Image by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Oh dear, this day of all days has come to haunt us. We know for sure that today is Friday. But today is Friday the 13th. Supposedly an unlucky day, one noted for technological fails: computer viruses; random chaos; and the odd cancellation at Redland station. Appropriately for this much-maligned day, we have a lighthearted post for you.

read more →

House Removal Related Video Clips

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Some real life moving stories that are linked to house removal and similar subject areas

Happy couple house removal image.

There Goes A Successful House Removal: our happy couple is seen watching television. Image by Dmytro Zinkevych (via Shutterstock).

Before you make yourself comfortable, we are proud to present you with a selection of house removal video clips. If you thought our job was tough, spare a thought for the people featuring in the first three clips. read more →

Relocation Clean-Ups: A Clean Break for 2016

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Moving in or moving out, we can clean up before or after your move

Cleaning products.Mop and bucket.

The New Year of 2016 is nearly upon us.  There’s every chance you’ll be sick to death of New Year’s Resolutions that seem to have the shelf life of batteries from a Pound Shop.  For many people, it is a time to stop smoking, eat better, exercise more, or to move house.  For some, moving house or premises forms many a New Year’s Resolution.  As well as assisting with your eventual relocation, we can offer cleaning services. read more →

Summertime Removals: Beating the Blues

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Planning your escape to the West Country with Simply Removals Bristol

Simply Removals Bristol's removals cover most parts of the West Country. Including The island in picturesque Newquay, Cornwall

From Bristol, Bath and Swindon, and parts of Gloucestershire, your dream move to Cornwall could be a stress free one thanks to Simply Removals Bristol. Photograph by Giuseppe Milo (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved)

From the smallest of vans to the grandest of pantechnicons, our professional approach to furniture removals have won us many customers in Bristol and Bath. Whether moving the odd chair along the A4, a piano to Stroud or a full house clearance along the M5, we have served numerous clients from households to local businesses. For some households or businesses, the West Country is a popular option. Either as a first home, or a second home for the summer holidays. read more →

Thinking of Moving House or Office?

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Thinking of Moving House or Office?

Bristol’s university is one of the largest in the South West, and is full of students living in halls of residence and shared houses around the city. At the end of each year, many students move from one residence to another, maybe because their house mates are moving or because halls of residence are for first years only. Cars are seen as an unnecessary expense in a city with such good public transport links, and so moving from place to place can be problematic.

They are often only moving one roomful of items, and so a large removal firm would be overfill, but many van rental firms insist on an over 21 year old or someone with at least 2 years driving experience as the named driver. This is where a man and van service can come in handy for all removals Bristol wide.

Simply Removals Bristol have a fleet of vans and trucks suitable for any size jobs, and their transit vans are perfect for smaller removals including student moves. Their drivers will help you load and unload, and their local knowledge means they can get you to your new and perhaps unfamiliar surroundings in the shortest possible time.

If you are a student in Bristol and are looking for some help moving locations with your roomful of possessions, call Simply Removals Bristol for a competitive quote from a company that provide helpful and friendly service with a reliable van or truck, and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

What to Look for When Using a Removals Company

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What to Look for When Using a Removals Company

There are many uses for a removals company, with the most obvious being to move house. These days, people accumulate so many possessions that moving house by themselves is simply not a viable option. Many items are also heavy and bulky, and most people would need some help with moving these items. Smaller removals jobs, such as students moving from house to house, can also be carried out by a removals company, as it can be less expensive that hiring a van and easier then doing several journeys with a small car. People also use removals companies for moving commercial premises, such as offices and warehouses as well as retail establishments such as shops and restaurants. There are many companies offering services for removals Bristol wide, but what should you look for when using a removals company?

The main things to look for would be reliability, experience and trustworthiness. When you’re moving home or premises, you have usually planned the moving day to the last detail, and you want the people helping you to turn up on time, and work as time and cost effectively as possible. It is important for them to be experienced for this, as they will be used to working to tight deadlines, carrying and moving people’s possessions safely. Trustworthiness is vital, as you are entrusting items you have collected over the years, some of sentimental value, and you want them to get to your new location in the same condition as they left in.

Looking for a company for removals in Bristol can be daunting, but make us your first port of call to ensure that you receive all of these attributes, as well as value for money. Our removal professionals are proud to work for one of the best companies in removals Bristol wide, and take our reputation for great removals seriously. They are polite and courteous as well as hardworking and well trained. All of our vehicles are as reliable as our removals professionals. We keep them clean, dry and well maintained to ensure that your possession arrive on time as well as in the same condition they left in. Give us a call to get a comprehensive as well as competitive quote and excellent customer service.

Removals in the Winter

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Removals in the Winter

Apart from festivals such as Christmas and events such as New Years, not a lot of people are keen on Winter. In England; a country famous for its terrible summers, the winters are even worse with ice and snow as well as wind and rain. It is for this reason that many try to avoid moving in the winter months, but sometimes it cannot be helped and you just need to get on with it. This is where you need the best removals company.

With it being a large and established city full or businesses and universities, Bristol removals companies are plentiful, but when moving in the winter you need a company well known for providing the more efficient removals Bristol wide. You need a company equipped for every eventuality, which is what we are proud and pleased to offer.

Winter can make a move less pleasant but it can definitely make it more dangerous, one of the many reasons it is best to get a professional moving service in instead of trying to do it yourself. The ice and wind can make for difficult heavy lifting, and even the lighter items can be hard to manoeuvre if you are struggling to keep your balance. Our removals professionals come fully prepared for all weather conditions with ways of moving even the heaviest items. They are also able to move your items ensuring they are protected from the elements, because they understand that your possessions are important to you, and they are polite and helpful at all times.

In the lead up to the festive season, we also carry out smaller removals , for example individual items of furniture. Whether it’s a new three piece suite or extra beds in time for Christmas, we can move the items for you quickly and safely, freeing up your time to spend with your family and last minute shopping not to mention preventing a serious injury at the worst possible time.

If you’re looking for someone to carry out removals for you this winter, give us a call if you want the most professional and experienced removal professionals that can guarantee your possessions will get from A to B in good condition and as fast as possible.

Removals at the Start of the Year

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Removals at the Start of the Year

For most people the ending of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 symbolised time for a change of some kind, whether it’s a new hobby, plan or resolution. For other people, it is time for an even bigger change, like a new home or a new business venture. For these people 2013 is going to be fast moving and exciting with lots to do. Without the right help, it could potentially be a very stressful time as well. Whether you’re moving house or opening a new business premises, you’re going to need a good removals company to make the move to a new premises or the opening of a new premises as stress free as is physically possible.

When looking for the best company for removals services, finding one that you feel understands your concerns and obstacles in place is key to a smooth transition. There are always a number of different considerations with each move of any kind, which makes every move a unique event with individual requirements. Considerations can include complicated issues such as the route to take to the new location, the number of items that need moving and the order in which to move them in. They also include issues as simple as the day you are moving on and the weather on that day. We take all of these considerations into account when planning a move.

If you are moving in the beginning half of the year, when it is still cold and often more wet, we can suggest ways of making your move more hardy to bad weather, including extra packaging, working as close to access points as possible and ensuring that as much of the work is done in daylight as is possible. As one of the most experienced removals company in Bristol, we know how to work around adverse conditions and sometimes make them work to our advantage.

If you are planning a change that includes a move, give us a call to talk about how we can make a transition as smooth as possible so that you can enjoy 2013.

Trusting a Removals Company

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Trusting a Removals Company

Until you carry out a big move yourself, it’s difficult to understand how hard it is to trust a removals company to move you in a efficient way. At the end of the day, if you’re moving house every single possession you’ve ever collected will have to be moved. These will be personal items, pieces you’ve had for years as well as heirlooms and items of sentimental value. You want to ensure that all of your much loved possessions gets there in one piece, and because of this you need to make sure that you choose a company that you feel comfortable with; a company you feel you can trust with everything you own that will ensure that everything arrives safely.

There are a number of companies that do removals Bristol wide, and in order to feel comfortable in your choice you should do plenty of research into the company that you use. In theory anyone could buy a truck or van and call themselves a removals company, but you want to make sure that you use someone with the level of experience and know how to move you as quickly and efficiently as is possible. More established companies that supply removals or a man and van Bristol wide will have built up a reputation for being reliable and providing a good service. They will be able to provide references and testimonials to show that they can deliver what they promise. You might even get some direct references by just asking around for reliable companies and good experiences from people that you can trust.

If you want to get an idea of the kind of transport they provide before the big day, why not ask to see the vehicle they are planning to use. If it is a clean and smart vehicle that is clearly well maintained you are much more likely to have a smoothly running day instead of a day full of delays due to an unreliable vehicle, as well as your possessions arriving in a good state of repair without getting dirty in transit.

With the large variety of companies available, there is no reason to settle for anything less than a company you 100% trust with your possessions.