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A Monster Move Movie

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A monster move courtesy of Circa Old Houses and Wolfe House and Building Removers

A Monster Move Movie

Moving on Up: We at Simply Removals Bristol are amazed by their monster moving abilities. Image by Picture Studio (via Shutterstock).

At Simply Removals Bristol, the sighting of whole houses being moved is a very rare one indeed.  Our mix of narrow streets and traffic-clogged thoroughfares makes the task virtually impossible.  Even the slightest of delays could upset the X1 to Bristol Airport.  Courtesy of Wolfe House and Building Removers and Circa Old Houses, the two New York based companies have created a film featuring a monster move or three.

Wolfe House and Building Removals have been in business since 1970, having succeeded in shifting whole houses through the state of New York.  A full service is available for the eastern part of the United States, which includes Florida, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and Michigan.  If the building is of historical importance, a monster move could be taken place from the western part of the USA.

Circa Old Houses is a real estate company which specialises in the sale of old houses.  Which, in Bristolian terms, would favour the multicoloured terraced houses in Lawrence Hill over the latest modern-day housing estate.  The company was founded by Elizabeth Finkelstein, due to her passion for historical architecture.


  • Circa Old Houses: the real estate company seen in the above clip;
  • Wolfe House and Building Removers: the company behind the monster move process.

The Art of Shifting Pianos

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How Simply Removals Bristol can shift your upright or grand pianos across the UK

Two pianos - grand piano and upright piano.jpg

Grand and upright pianos: from Small Grand to Concert Grand, and Spinet to Upright Pianos, you can trust Simply Removals Bristol to ferry your precious piano from Lerwick to Liskeard.


Tea lovers of a certain age may remember the PG Tips adverts with the chimpanzees. Its most famous one involved Mr Shifter, a furniture remover who had tried (and failed) to move an upright piano downstairs. We at Simply Removals Bristol (happily) haven’t picked up any tips from the simian shifters and have ten years experience of moving pianos. Upright and grand pianos throughout the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. read more →

Simply Self Store Ltd Removals & Storage

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Simply Self Store Ltd Removals & Storage

If you are looking for a quality removals company in Bristol and the surrounding area we can provide you with high quality self storage and removals. Simply Removals Bristol is your all-in-one source for every moving need that you might have. We can provide you with moving supplies, quality movers and all of the equipment that you need to handle removals of any size this means that we can think of every logistical piece of your move including the packing, the removals and storage.

Moving a home can be a stressful experience but with our affordable and reliable services you can get everything you need for the best value removal and storage in the UK.
Our removal specialists have years of experience and we have successfully handled moves across the UK providing unprecedented service with every new client we meet. We also can provide you with some of the best quality packing equipment that will secure all of your belongings and ensure that they make the move accordingly. Our skilled movers as well as our equipment are designed to successfully transport all types of materials. We can even handle the process of PN O enlarge equipment removals for businesses and industrial buildings as well.

We have extensive experience in our field and we offer full packaging, reliable services and industry insurance to offer you a greater peace of mind. Our experienced movers completely protect you in the event of any accidents or damage and can make sure that each member of the crew stays as safe as possible with comprehensive health and safety training.

Rather than risk the health and safety of your friends and family why not trust our removals team and our equipment to get the job done. Our team has performed moves throughout Bristol and we can work to save your back, pack your items in a professional manner and make sure that everything makes it through your move.