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Why Move on a Monday?

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Could a Monday move be a better plan than moving on a Friday?

Happy Monday graphic by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Happy Monday: could you be better off moving house on a Monday? Image by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Here’s a little question for you: which is the most popular day for moving house? Monday? Nope. Saturday? Definitely not. Right, here’s a clue: what was Chris Evans’ late-1990s teatime show known as on Channel Four? read more →

House Removal Fails

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A collection of home removal fails

Broken mirror removal fails by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Unlucky for some: Friday the Thirteenth. Image by N. Nattalli (via Shutterstock).

Oh dear, this day of all days has come to haunt us. We know for sure that today is Friday. But today is Friday the 13th. Supposedly an unlucky day, one noted for technological fails: computer viruses; random chaos; and the odd cancellation at Redland station. Appropriately for this much-maligned day, we have a lighthearted post for you.

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A Mighty Move for Lindisfarne Castle

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Two-week mammoth move part of £3m conservation and weather protection work

Lindisfarne Castle move image by Mark Godden (via Shutterstock).

Gruelling: Moving furniture out of Lindisfarne Castle took the best part of two weeks in November 2016. The removal company’s nimble-footed furniture movers had to negotiate uneven floors, narrow corridors and low doors. A move of mighty proportions! Image by Mark Godden (via Shutterstock).

We at Simply Removals Bristol have undertaken some challenging home removals in our time. Bristol itself isn’t without hills, idiosyncratic properties, and tower blocks which could try our patience. Every time, we are up to the challenge and pride ourselves on a ‘job well done’. Whether you wish to move a couple of desks to your new office or a four bedroom house, there is no such word as ‘can’t’.

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Moving Home Hacks: Video

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A video clip by Dave Hax on a selection of useful hacks for moving home

 make moving home less than a chore

Making Your Move Easier: Dave Hax’s clip aims to make moving home less than a chore. Image by Africa Studio (via Shutterstock).

With two million subscribers, Dave Hax has posted several videos on YouTube, offering useful life hacks for a UK-centric audience.  His videos attract an average of one million views.  At this time of writing, one video on moving home has attracted 2,395,066 viewers.  We at Simply Removals Bristol aim to add to this fellow’s viewing figures by sharing this clip.

With this clip, he has worked with E.ON.  There is some useful tips in there, like buying some coloured labels and grouping your boxes by label colour.  Another we particularly like, is having a selection of self-addressed envelopes.  Should any mail is sent to your old address, the new occupants could send them to your new address.  At no expense to them.


Why rave about Dave?


His moving home tips aren’t only worth watching.  He has a number of useful tips and recipes.  Like making a hollow chocolate Coca Cola bottle.  Also, using a rolling pin or a worktop to break a chocolate bar.  Whether you have come here for the moving home hack or found this post by accident, we thoroughly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel.  You know you want to.  New videos are released on Tuesdays and Fridays.

A Monster Move Movie

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A monster move courtesy of Circa Old Houses and Wolfe House and Building Removers

A Monster Move Movie

Moving on Up: We at Simply Removals Bristol are amazed by their monster moving abilities. Image by Picture Studio (via Shutterstock).

At Simply Removals Bristol, the sighting of whole houses being moved is a very rare one indeed.  Our mix of narrow streets and traffic-clogged thoroughfares makes the task virtually impossible.  Even the slightest of delays could upset the X1 to Bristol Airport.  Courtesy of Wolfe House and Building Removers and Circa Old Houses, the two New York based companies have created a film featuring a monster move or three.

Wolfe House and Building Removals have been in business since 1970, having succeeded in shifting whole houses through the state of New York.  A full service is available for the eastern part of the United States, which includes Florida, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and Michigan.  If the building is of historical importance, a monster move could be taken place from the western part of the USA.

Circa Old Houses is a real estate company which specialises in the sale of old houses.  Which, in Bristolian terms, would favour the multicoloured terraced houses in Lawrence Hill over the latest modern-day housing estate.  The company was founded by Elizabeth Finkelstein, due to her passion for historical architecture.


  • Circa Old Houses: the real estate company seen in the above clip;
  • Wolfe House and Building Removers: the company behind the monster move process.

Making Your Move a Smooth Move

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Infographic: How to Make a Smooth Move

A while back, we created a blog post entitled Home Removal Tips for Beginners. This told you in plain English terms which steps needed to be taken prior to moving house. Based on this post is our all singing and all dancing infographic. This gives you a more colourful look of the ten points detailed in the midst of our post from the 19 October 2016.

How to share this infographic

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How to make a smooth move infographic.

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Avoiding Home Clearance Horrors

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How hiring a professional home clearance company is an antidote to a move from Hell

Zombie home clearance image.

Monica’s and Rachel’s move to a property near the university was a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. If they chose Simply Removals Bristol, their move would have been less eventful. Image by Jandrie Lombard (via Shutterstock).

Moving house is one of the most important life events you will face. You could be moving to your first student flat, or joining the property ladder for the first time. Being handed the keys and finding your rent deposit or mortgage is only part of a successful move. A successful home clearance is another, more important part. Finding the wrong home removals company could spoil your move.

We at Simply Removals Bristol aim to part of your successful move. Being as today is Hallowe’en, here’s a list of what could happen if you choose an unsuitable home removals company. read more →

Home Removal Tips for Beginners

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How to make your first move a smooth move

Home removal image by K.J. Pargeter.

Stressful: Home removal can be a stressful operation, so military precision levels of organisation are required. Image by K.J. Pargeter (via Shutterstock).

Contrary to popular belief, the art of home removal is a stress free one. In all honesty, it is a stressful process which can take up to two months to get life and soul together. A process that entails hiring a reputable home removal company, then unpacking your worldly goods at your next home.

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House Removal Related Video Clips

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Some real life moving stories that are linked to house removal and similar subject areas

Happy couple house removal image.

There Goes A Successful House Removal: our happy couple is seen watching television. Image by Dmytro Zinkevych (via Shutterstock).

Before you make yourself comfortable, we are proud to present you with a selection of house removal video clips. If you thought our job was tough, spare a thought for the people featuring in the first three clips. read more →

Relocation Clean-Ups: A Clean Break for 2016

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Moving in or moving out, we can clean up before or after your move

Cleaning products.Mop and bucket.

The New Year of 2016 is nearly upon us.  There’s every chance you’ll be sick to death of New Year’s Resolutions that seem to have the shelf life of batteries from a Pound Shop.  For many people, it is a time to stop smoking, eat better, exercise more, or to move house.  For some, moving house or premises forms many a New Year’s Resolution.  As well as assisting with your eventual relocation, we can offer cleaning services. read more →