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What is a Pantechnicon?

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Simply Removals Bristol looks at how the Pantechnicon got its name

Pantechnicon vans

One of the first of many pantechnicon vans, seen in 2008, in the Milestones living history museum in Hampshire.

If you’re in the house removals trade, you may well know which vehicle is used to shift heavy furniture, pianos, and other bulky goods across the UK. How the vehicle got its name is of interest. The largest house removals vehicle is known as a Pantechnicon.

The word Pantechnicon is derived from two Greek words. That of pan (which translates as all) and techne (which translates as art). Therefore, pantechnicon literally means ‘pertaining to the all of the arts’. A bit like BBC Four we suppose, albeit in televisual form.How did they become part and parcel of the house removals industry?

The story begins in 1830 when a large retail establishment on Motcomb Street, Belgrave Square opened with the aforementioned name. It included a picture gallery, a furniture shop, and a carriage showroom. In the southern part of the establishment was a warehouse for storing furniture. This was part of the company’s furniture removals business.

Hence the Pantechnicon van. In later years, the word ‘van’ was dropped, in the same way Googling became a verb for doing a web search. Unlike conventional removal vans at the time, the Pantechnicon’s vans had a ramp at the bottom. This made for easy loading and unloading of furniture. Soon, rival companies, impressed by their vans, would have similar vehicles. The basic layout of today’s removal vans still use a ramp at the rear – almost 180 years after London’s pioneering business.

Most of the original building was destroyed by fire in 1874, leaving only the facade. The original business continued trading till the 1970s. Next year, under the name of Cubitt House, the former facade will reopen as a foodies’ paradise with six floors of eateries.

The Pantechnicon van

The original vans were horse drawn with two horses in tandem. Motorised equivalents were later used by circuses and as horseboxes, as well as their original use. Some have led a second life as transporter vehicles for oval racing sports.

Benefits of a Man and Van Service

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Moving home can be an expensive process and when there’s bits and pieces that need buying, replacing and set up costs for utilities and deposits to pay, it can be very tempting to save money wherever you can, including moving costs. The idea of moving yourself in can seem like a good idea in terms of cost, but when you work it out in terms of time and effort not to mention fuel, you might find yourself out of pocket in more ways than one.

Man and Van services in Bristol

If you want to avoid the big cost of hiring a large removals firm with an oversized truck, it’s well worth considering the compromise of one of the providers of services from a man and van. This way you get the assistance you need, without the massive price tag. A decent man and van service will have the space to do a small move in one go, or several trips for a larger one. You will get assistance with the lifting and carrying of heavy or awkward objects, a safe and clean environment to transport your items in, and the extra space that comes with a van as opposed to even a larger car. The alternative is hiring a van, which is less likely to be clean enough to move your possessions in good condition as well as adding to the stress by having to move all the items yourself.

As a leading service provider for man and van in Bristol, we have recently seen that many people are downsizing for a variety of reasons. If this is the case for you then you might have possessions you want to keep but do not currently have the space for. There are a range of places to look for storage, but we are linked to a clean and modern storage facility where you can securely store your possessions, and can transport your items to storage as part of the moving process; saving time and effort on your part.

For more information on our man and van services as well as storage solutions, call us and we will be happy to share our expertise and years of experience with you.

Simply Self Store Ltd Removals & Storage

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Simply Self Store Ltd Removals & Storage

If you are looking for a quality removals company in Bristol and the surrounding area we can provide you with high quality self storage and removals. Simply Removals Bristol is your all-in-one source for every moving need that you might have. We can provide you with moving supplies, quality movers and all of the equipment that you need to handle removals of any size this means that we can think of every logistical piece of your move including the packing, the removals and storage.

Moving a home can be a stressful experience but with our affordable and reliable services you can get everything you need for the best value removal and storage in the UK.
Our removal specialists have years of experience and we have successfully handled moves across the UK providing unprecedented service with every new client we meet. We also can provide you with some of the best quality packing equipment that will secure all of your belongings and ensure that they make the move accordingly. Our skilled movers as well as our equipment are designed to successfully transport all types of materials. We can even handle the process of PN O enlarge equipment removals for businesses and industrial buildings as well.

We have extensive experience in our field and we offer full packaging, reliable services and industry insurance to offer you a greater peace of mind. Our experienced movers completely protect you in the event of any accidents or damage and can make sure that each member of the crew stays as safe as possible with comprehensive health and safety training.

Rather than risk the health and safety of your friends and family why not trust our removals team and our equipment to get the job done. Our team has performed moves throughout Bristol and we can work to save your back, pack your items in a professional manner and make sure that everything makes it through your move.