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Moving Home Hacks: Video

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A video clip by Dave Hax on a selection of useful hacks for moving home

 make moving home less than a chore

Making Your Move Easier: Dave Hax’s clip aims to make moving home less than a chore. Image by Africa Studio (via Shutterstock).

With two million subscribers, Dave Hax has posted several videos on YouTube, offering useful life hacks for a UK-centric audience.  His videos attract an average of one million views.  At this time of writing, one video on moving home has attracted 2,395,066 viewers.  We at Simply Removals Bristol aim to add to this fellow’s viewing figures by sharing this clip.

With this clip, he has worked with E.ON.  There is some useful tips in there, like buying some coloured labels and grouping your boxes by label colour.  Another we particularly like, is having a selection of self-addressed envelopes.  Should any mail is sent to your old address, the new occupants could send them to your new address.  At no expense to them.


Why rave about Dave?


His moving home tips aren’t only worth watching.  He has a number of useful tips and recipes.  Like making a hollow chocolate Coca Cola bottle.  Also, using a rolling pin or a worktop to break a chocolate bar.  Whether you have come here for the moving home hack or found this post by accident, we thoroughly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel.  You know you want to.  New videos are released on Tuesdays and Fridays.