Could a Monday move be a better plan than moving on a Friday?

Happy Monday graphic by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Happy Monday: could you be better off moving house on a Monday? Image by Yunus Malik (via Shutterstock).

Here’s a little question for you: which is the most popular day for moving house? Monday? Nope. Saturday? Definitely not. Right, here’s a clue: what was Chris Evans’ late-1990s teatime show known as on Channel Four?

If you answered the question correctly, the most popular day for moving house is Friday. Ah yes, the Friday feeling; the possibility of being able to pack over the weekend and start enjoying your new surroundings. From a 2015 survey by the HomeOwners’ Alliance, Friday was the most popular day for upping sticks towards pastures new. 41% chose Friday over the other six days of the week due to work commitments. Many respondents said it gave them more time to unpack over the weekend.

The next most popular day was Monday, polling 17.18%. Weekends accounted for the two least popular results: 0.31% and 0.52% for Saturdays and Sundays respectively.

Another reason for Friday moves are the vagaries of the property chain. Disruptions to the housing chain are fewer as many households insist on the last weekday over the first weekend day.

Why avoid Friday?

Firstly, bank transfer systems would be at their busiest. If the money doesn’t get through, this could scupper your move. A lot of deals and property transfers are settled on that day with money changing hands between clients and solicitors.

Secondly, if anything goes wrong, finding a tradesperson willing to work on Saturdays (or Sundays even) could be harder than on Tuesday or Wednesday. He or she may charge more due to demand and call out charges.

As a compromise, you could try and complete your property transaction on Thursday. Afterwards, you could move in on Friday or during the weekend.

Oh, and more thing: sometimes, being able to complete your unpacking over the weekend is a myth. It isn’t unusual for households to finish it off over a week. Or a month even. If you read the previous article on Lindisfarne Castle, they would be happy to move everything back within two days or two months (though that’s impossible).

Whether on Monday 12 midday or Friday at 9am, aim to have a stress-free move. We at Simply Removals Bristol can help you too. For a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0117 287 2152. We’ll be happy to help you in no time at all.

Simply Removals Bristol, 16 January 2017.

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