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Making Your Move a Smooth Move

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Infographic: How to Make a Smooth Move

A while back, we created a blog post entitled Home Removal Tips for Beginners. This told you in plain English terms which steps needed to be taken prior to moving house. Based on this post is our all singing and all dancing infographic. This gives you a more colourful look of the ten points detailed in the midst of our post from the 19 October 2016.

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How to make a smooth move infographic.

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Seaside House Buyers Now Younger

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Seaside towns no longer the preserve of elderly residents due to house prices

The Great British Seaside Resort

The Great British Seaside Resort: no longer the preserve of elderly homeowners. Image by Ollie Taylor (via Shutterstock).

The Great British seaside resort. A part of the world derided by some as ailing, uninspiring, and full of elderly residents. According to a survey from My Home Move, elderly people are shunning the likes of Weston-super-Mare and Torquay due to house prices. Potential homeowners moving to Whitstable are likely to be in their mid-40s.

The twelve seaside resorts that have ranked highly in My Home Move’s findings are:

  • Margate: noted for the recently reopened Dreamland amusement park and the Turner Gallery;
  • Torquay: a bustling shopping centre and resort, ideally placed for the Torbay resorts and the city of Exeter;
  • Whitstable: noted for its oysters and coloured beach huts, as well as being commutable to Central London;
  • Leigh-on-Sea: one of the most easterly points of the London, Tilbury, and Southend railway line to Fenchurch Street;
  • Aldeburgh and Woodbridge: the former noted for its classical music festival; the latter, the birthplace of Brian Eno and its harbour;
  • Bournemouth: a must for lovers of sand, sea, and shops. Also served by fast trains to London;
  • Poole: Bournemouth’s industrial neighbour with a maritime history. Also covers the ultra-exclusive Sandbanks village, home to its moneyed residents;
  • Skegness: popular with many holidaymakers from Sheffield and Nottingham. Quiet outside the summer season;
  • Weston-super-Mare: a bus ride away from Bristol, Weston is a splendid seaside resort with a mix of flat and hilly terrain;
  • Clacton-on-Sea: though close to London by train, house prices are half that of many of the resorts in the survey;
  • Bognor Regis: close to the Isle of Wight, and the city of Chichester. Well known for the Butlins holiday camp.
  • Eastbourne: East Sussex seaside resort noted for its iconic bandstand, pier, and the Carpet Gardens.

Most of the seaside resorts detailed above have direct train services to Central London. Could the London commuting belt be wider, with potential purchasers choosing cheaper homes? (Though offset by dearer season ticket prices).

Fewer Moves, Longer Stays

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Today’s homeowners and tenants expect to make fewer home moves in their lifetime

House moves graphics

Making Fewer Moves: The average person under 25 years of age expects to make fewer moves in their lifetime, according to a survey by Image by Visual Destination (via Shutterstock).

High house prices and rent deposits could be attributed to the reason why today’s households expect to make fewer house moves. According to research conducted by the website, people under 25 years of age expect to move six times. In the same survey, people aged 60 and upwards said they have lived in eight homes in their lifetime.

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Avoiding Home Clearance Horrors

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How hiring a professional home clearance company is an antidote to a move from Hell

Zombie home clearance image.

Monica’s and Rachel’s move to a property near the university was a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. If they chose Simply Removals Bristol, their move would have been less eventful. Image by Jandrie Lombard (via Shutterstock).

Moving house is one of the most important life events you will face. You could be moving to your first student flat, or joining the property ladder for the first time. Being handed the keys and finding your rent deposit or mortgage is only part of a successful move. A successful home clearance is another, more important part. Finding the wrong home removals company could spoil your move.

We at Simply Removals Bristol aim to part of your successful move. Being as today is Hallowe’en, here’s a list of what could happen if you choose an unsuitable home removals company. read more →

Home Removal Tips for Beginners

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How to make your first move a smooth move

Home removal image by K.J. Pargeter.

Stressful: Home removal can be a stressful operation, so military precision levels of organisation are required. Image by K.J. Pargeter (via Shutterstock).

Contrary to popular belief, the art of home removal is a stress free one. In all honesty, it is a stressful process which can take up to two months to get life and soul together. A process that entails hiring a reputable home removal company, then unpacking your worldly goods at your next home.

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House Removal Related Video Clips

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Some real life moving stories that are linked to house removal and similar subject areas

Happy couple house removal image.

There Goes A Successful House Removal: our happy couple is seen watching television. Image by Dmytro Zinkevych (via Shutterstock).

Before you make yourself comfortable, we are proud to present you with a selection of house removal video clips. If you thought our job was tough, spare a thought for the people featuring in the first three clips. read more →

Four Men and a Sofa to Scafell Pike

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How four removal men carried a sofa up to Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain

Scafell and Scafell Pike, Cumbria.

Enough of a climb without four men carrying a sofa: Scafell and Scafell Pike, seen in the winter. Image by Stewart Smith Photography (via Shutterstock).

You may remember a beer advert from 1983, where a group of male drinkers did amazing feats for one goal. The goal was a pint of Youngers’ Scotch Bitter, and our intrepid group would swim the English Channel or climb mountains. For the sake of a pint of keg bitter once brewed in Cumbria. Of similar levels of derring-do, though for a more altruistic cause, four removal men carried a sofa over a mountain. They could have chosen a nearby hill. Instead, they went to Cumbria to climb Scafell Pike, only the tallest mountain in England, no less.

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Planning to move the house? REMOVALS BRISTOL is at your rescue!


Are you planning to move out of your place? Is there a plan residing in your mind to shift the house? Stress and pressure being developed are way too common for such activities. Simply Removals Bristol is here at your service. Just a mere thought of shifting house build fear and stress into a person. It can be list up with some of the most difficult task- the packing, damages that follow, exhaustion, etc. Our van removals offer the packing service in a complete manner.

Bristol is a small city in south-west England. It is considered to be one of the most populous cities of England. Removals Bristol is the service provided to move people all over the country. There are a lot of moves in this city itself which are served by a wide variety of Bristol removal companies.

Many times people decide to shift of the listed reasons, they believe they had enough of cities; they fish for nature closeness, high stature, peace sweet place to reside in, etc. Whatever may be the wish and destination of the customers, we are here to help. They are ready to work your way out in reaching your dream place you are searching for.

Simply Removals Bristol offers their dedicated services in local Bristol or anywhere in Europe. These have immense popularity because of their best comfort-providing service to help people in shifting their place with ease. In addition, these have years of experience for the same. Whether it is an apartment or a house, every of the residential property is covered.

There are numerous services being offered by the former service provider. One of which is the man and van service. Simply Removals Bristol provides an expert man and van service which indeed offers full removal service.

As for the student, we present considerable discounts. So if you’re a student and looking for shifting purpose but suffer a lack of time and knowledge, your house items can be moved to new accommodation or can be kept in storage- we offer services for both. Another attractive offer being served by us is that we can pick up your online shop’s item and deliver it with 100 percent reliability and responsibility.

Another service we provide is office and business removals. Our experience proves our ability to move business offices and warehouses safely and efficiently to your ease. For the completion of a task we provide packing materials, disposal of unwanted items, include move scheduling, etc.

Why us?

Simply Removals Bristol has been providing these effortless services of moving items for clients all across the country and continent for many years. Our key characteristic is adopting the approach of dealing with friendliness. Over the clock, we have not just hiked up our customer numbers but have gained friends. We have seen a lot of Customers coming back time to time to make their stressful moving process a less pressurised one.

Simply Removals Bristol: stress less moving of your items!


Simply Removals Bristol is the service provider for the complete moving of house items to a new accommodation. If you are looking for moving your place or are stressful about how to shift items of your house from your house to another destination, we are the solution. We offer complete moving service for your account. Whatever may be the reason or the moving, be it the belief of having enough of the city area and looking for some peace, we are here to offer you help for the move. Or be it the search for less noisy or some transfer issue, we are your soul solution to serve the purpose.

Bristol, a small city in south-west England, is considered to be one of the most populous cities of England. Removals Bristol is the service provided to move people all over the country. There are a lot of moves experienced by van removals in this city itself which are served with great ease and efficiency.

Van removals services are not just limited to the outskirts of the city Bristol, but they serve their purpose in the complete European region. They have immense fame and name of their service because of their dedicated service over years, Bristol van removals believe in offering best comfort-giving service to their customer so as not to earn money but to win hearts.

Numerous services can be listed on account of Simply Removals Bristol services. Many times we look for a local man with a van to help us moving a house, look no further than us.

Also, our services aren’t bounded to moving items from one place to a new one. We also provide storage facilities for our customers. In the case of moving, if it is required to store items, we help you with the same. We have four warehouses in Bristol area, where we store our customer’s belonging safely and securely, irrespective of short or long term storing.

Whether it is a professional planning, business moving, simple house shifting or just student place relocation there is now no persistent need to pack everything by your own. Simply Removals Bristol is here to your rescue!

We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team for serving the same purpose. We are friendly and polite with our lending hand. We assure you to fulfil your needs and satisfy you to the very high standards. This is the reason we deal with repeated customers as over the time with them we succeed in making friends, not customers. We have acknowledged happy customers who now simply choose us from time to time again, whenever they need a man with a van for moving items to the new accommodation.

Simply Bristol Removals Services


Are you worried about the removal of your home or office? Since the removal of home or office has been never an easy task, we here at Removals Bristol are at your service for the same. Whether it’s about home, office removals or furniture or collection fitting, we here at Bristol Removals are the best to that. Serving so long in the industry, our experts has been trained for the same and provides various services like long or short term storage, home or office removals, professional cleaning, instrument removal and provides high-quality packaging too.

Why us?

Removal of a place can be a really disturbing task, moreover tiring too. We have trained our workers for the same and their area of expertise will give you a feel of that. They are experienced and work for only one motive that is your satisfaction. We will help you pack, move and unpack your items and belongings carefully and efficiently and will ensure that all goes according to your choice.

Our services are undoubtedly the best whether it comes to removals or even the delivery and the courier services.

Our professionals are highly qualified and are specialised packers, trained to provide the best of moving services for your office or commercial place too. Moreover, it has been 8 years running this business of house and commercial collections, removals and deliveries and that’s the reason why we know how to handle the work at its worst to provide you with the best, being a company that you can put your faith in anywhere, anytime.

List of services we provide

• House Removals
• Handyman services
• Furniture fitting
• Storage

The work in the Simply Self Store is done with the help of Transit and Luton style Vans along with Lorries which supports a wide range of equipment and solutions to all your problems whose presence is ultimately required for the safety and care of your belongings and goods.

The things that we respect and understand the value of is your time and your satisfaction. That’s why we make sure that all the work is done as soon as possible in the best way it can be done. The vans have been designed ideally for the task they have to perform on a daily basis and hence we transport around£20,000 of good all over the UK and you need not to worry about the process, your goods will be handled in the best way to assure their safety and quality. In case you are not satisfied with our service, you can leave us with your feedback and we will work together to your satisfaction.

For more details, you can visit us at or can call us anytime at 01172872152.

We will be pleased to serve you.